Up My Street

Augmented Reality Art & Performance Wherever You Are

Calling Essex Based Composers, Poets & Musicians

£500 Commission For

Up My Street - Lite


A mobile application that allows users to experience music, dance, art and  spoken word.


For digital creators, curators consumers and the culturally curious.


Engages audiences in their homes with augmented reality performances that they curate.


Whenever the user decides they want to experience a performance. They click and place


Wherever the user decides they want to experience a performance on a flat surface.


The Cultural Assembly wants to commission an Essex-based composer, spoken word artist or musician to create a 1 minute soundtrack for our next digital dancer. 

We are open to all genres of music

The commission fee is £500

Please click the play button in the image below to view the choreography.

The above performance will be added to Up My Street (UMS) – Lite, which is a free augmented reality art and performance app, that allows users to experience AR performance wherever they are. 

The floor is above is a generic pattern that will disappear when the app is used, you will see when you download and try it. When the music is commissioned we will create a custom skin then a user can place the performance, with your soundtrack on a flat surface wherever they like. 

We are building a database of dance, music, spoken word and visual art where users can curate their own content by mixing and matching skins, music, environment and movement. 

The UMS Lite Story.

UMS is was conceived, directed, and choreographed by Creative Director Kwesi Johnson and is a collaboration between The Cultural Assembly and Creative Technologists Michele Panegrossi and Luca Biada who form FENYCE. 

It was originally commissioned by The Brighton Festival and supported by Without Walls and was due to tour in 2020, but was postponed due to COVID. However to celebrate the world premier, which took place on 1st & 2nd of May in Brighton, we want more people to sample Up My Street.

UMS is an outdoor augmented reality group experience, Lite was created so we could engage people at home and was made possible through a grant from Essex 2020 through Essex County Council.

It has become a project in its own right and we are now offering opportunities for visual artists, poets, composers, choreographers and digital technologists to collaborate and distribute their work.

Try the app for yourself before you apply. Click below for the  Android and iOS

(You may need to download testflight first on iOS)

The Application Process

1. Read the FAQ’s

2. Email any remaining questions

3. Complete the application for

4. Closing Date 25/6/21

5. The winner will be notified on 1/7/21


1. Does the artist retain the copyright? Yes.

2. Will the composer receive royalties? No, this is a non-commercial commission and the download of the app is free of charge. 

3. Will the composer receive all the money up front? No there will be an initial payment of 50% on signing the contract and 50% on delivery within the agreed timeframe.

4. Will the commissioner pay agent fees? No?